Fall 2024 Youth Development League

Fall 2024 Youth Development League

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Frequently Asked

 What division do I register for?

Players are placed into divisions based on TALENT FIRST and AGE SECOND. 

Division 10 tends to be 1st - 3rd grade
Division 9 tends to be 3rd - 5th grade
Division 8 tends to be 4th - 6th grade
Division 7 tends to be 6th - 8th grade
Division 6 tends to be 8th - 10th grade

Directors and coaches will evaluate players during pre-season practices. Players can be moved up or down divisions based on what's best for their development. Please register for whichever division you believe is suitable for your child. You can also CLICK HERE to schedule free skill training evaluation. Our coaching staff will recommend the proper division and skill training appropriate for your child's skill level. 

What is a parent membership?

PTBA programs operate in is a membership only facility. Everyone, including parents and spectators, must check-in with the front desk and have a valid membership. Players memberships are included in their league fees, but all parents must purchase their memberships separately. CLICK HERE to learn more about memberships.



Director of Development League

Coach Craig Wilsman

Email: cwilsman@ptba.us

Coach Javier Torres

Coach Ralph Wilson 

Coach Jordan Hall

Coach Von Castillo

Coach Kevin Qi