Select League

The PTBA Select League is a developmental program that helps college athletes and aspiring pros improve their physical and cognitive abilities. The program focuses on fine tuning each player's skills by improving basketball education, skill development, competitive practices, film review, and stats tracking. Live games will be recorded which will be presented to recruiters to display each player's skill sets. Players will also have the opportunity to interact with athletes from the Pros, NCAA D1, D2, as well as FIBA coaches to help them better improve their game.

The Select League is a 9-week program and games are held Saturday evenings. Only 32 roster spots are available so participants are required to try-out. If selected for the program, players are required to purchase the $200 league fee to proceed.

Program Features:

  • Competitive Practices

  • 6 High Level Games

  • Game Film, Stats, and Highlights

  • Coaching Breakdowns

  • Recruiting

  • Friday zoom sessions featuring guest speakers from the Pros, NCAA D1, D2 and FIBA Coaches.

  • Optional Weekday Training


Only 32 rosters spots are available so participants are not guaranteed to be selected for the program. Please contact us for a consultation to see if this program will suit your skill level.