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Membership Guidelines at PTBA Facility:

Welcome to PTBA, an exclusive members-only facility prioritizing community and safety. To access the facility, kindly check in with your barcode and ensure a valid membership.

  • Player memberships are included with any PTBA service (skills training, youth league, club teams).
  • Parents, siblings, and spectators require a valid membership for facility access.

Your safety matters. Membership fees support facility maintenance, including recoating floors and acquiring cleaning equipment. Thank you for your continuous support, enhancing PTBA for everyone. 

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PHONE: 626-333-9300


Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parents need a membership? Yes! For the safety of everyone, both parents and all relatives, including grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles, need a membership—even if they're just dropping someone off. Knowing everyone coming in and out helps maintain a secure environment.

Can I use the facility during free court times with my membership? Absolutely! Check the PTBA App for open gym slots—it highlights free days and times. Reserve a slot for just $3 per 2-hour open gym session.

I'm here for a one-time visit; do I still need a membership? Yes, indeed. Create an account, sign a liability waiver, and purchase a daily membership for $5 on our PTBA app before entering the facility. Your safety is our priority!