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Skills Training

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PTBA skills training is a monthly subscitipion fully customizable by you. Parents have the flexiblity to choose how many trainings per week, what days to come, and which times to attend. Players master specfic skills within each class and must pass benchmark test in order to advance to the next class. 

Unsure which class to register for?


What is a parent membership?
The facility that PTBA programs operate in is a membership only gym. Everyone, including parents and spectators must have a membership to access the facility. CLICK HERE to learn more about memberships. 

When does my subscription expire?
Subscription last one full month. If you purchase sessions on the 15th, sessions will expire on the 15th of next month. If you select "subscribe" your card will be charged on the same day every month.

If I miss a class, can I reschedule?
Yes, please call our front desk to reschedule. Classes cannot be made up after subscription has ended.

What is taught in class?
All coaches teach PTBA's Curriculum. Players first master fundamentals before being taught more advanced skills. CLICK HERE to view PTBA's Curriculum

How do my kids advance to the next level?
Students must pass a PTBA benchmark test. Kids are tested at the end of every month. Parents must make an appointment with Coach Anthony Ramirez to schedule a test. Please email

What are benchmark test?
A series of drills that are performed to determine if players are ready to move to the next class level. We test players dribbling skills, endurance, and shot making. There are 3 progressive benchmark test, each becoming more challenging. 

What is the difference between Skills and Compete?
In Skills 101/102/103 players are taught individual skills such as dribbling, shooting, and attacking the basket. In Compete 201/202 players play more scrimmages to help develop their IQ and scoring ability within game scenarios.


Coaching Staff

Director of Skills Training
Coach Anthony Ramirez

Coach Gene Cajigas

Coach Steve Hernandez

Coach Morgan Cheung

Coach Gael Macias