Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to help players' skill development and athletic development. Training sessions allow players to maximize their time in the gym and allow them to get lots of repetition in. Coaches are able to correct specific details about player’s ability such as shooting form and dribbling techniques, and can hone in on other specific player needs such as stamina, techniques, and explosiveness.

Personal training sessions can be purchased in packages of one session, four sessions, or eight sessions.

Get your Reps In

Getting shots up with the shooting machine is a great way improve your shooting. This high tech shooting machine lets you create any kind of training program by letting you choose which spots you want to shoot from, how you want your passes, the number of shots you want to take, and more. Shooting machines rentals are booked as personal training sessions.

Tailor your own Program

Our player development team can put together a personal training program for players of all levels. The personal training program can consists of but not limited to specialized workouts to target specific muscles,  drills to improve certain basketball techniques, and even diets weight gain/loss.