Skills Training
Skills Training
Skills Training
Skills Training
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Skills Training

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The PTBA Skills Training program is a personalized monthly plan designed to meet the unique needs of each player. With our program, parents have the flexibility to choose how many training sessions their child attends each week, which days work best for their schedule, and which times are most convenient.

During each 1-hour Session, players work to master specific benchmark skills, and our expert coaches carefully evaluate their progress to determine when they're ready to move up to the next level. With PTBA Skills Training, your child will receive the attention and expert coaching they need to take their game to the next level.

Unsure which class to register for?


If I miss a class, can I reschedule?
Yes, please TEXT (626) 415-0426 and let us know your child's name and the schedule change. Classes cannot be made up after monthly plan has ended.

When does my plan expire?
Training plans last one full month. If you purchase sessions on the 15th, sessions will expire on the 15th of next month. Credits do not roll over to the next month.

What is a parent membership?
To access our top-notch facility, a PTBA membership is required for all individuals, including parents and spectators. Our membership ensures a safe and secure environment for our players to grow and improve their skills. With our well-maintained and fully-equipped facility, you can be assured of a premium experience for you and your family. CLICK HERE to learn more about memberships. 

How do my kids are in each class?
A half-court class has room for a maximum of 12 kids.

How do my kids advance to the next level?
Students must master specific PTBA "Benchmark Skills" in order to move onto the next class. All coaches teach PTBA's Curriculum and document which skills sets kids have achieved. Players first master fundamentals before being taught more advanced skills. 

Benchmark Skills 

Benchmark Skills 101
  1. Jump stop
  2. Rebound and Putback
  3. Pass and Catch
  4. Bounce Pass
  5. Chest Pass
  6. Dribbling
  7. Full Speed Right Hand
  8. Full Speed Left Hand
  9. Full Speed Alternating
  10. Lay up Coordination
  11. Pivot
  12. Reverse
Benchmark Skills 102
  1. Shooting Form
  2. Change Speed and Direction
  3. Crossovers/Between/Behind
  4. Layups
  5. Strong Hand
  6. Off Hand
  7. Inside Hand
  8. Reverse
  9. Off the Catch
  10. Rip
  11. Jab
  12. Retreat
Benchmark Skills 103
  1. Dribble Combos
  2. Post Moves
  3. Shooting Pull ups
  4. Rips
  5. Jabs
  6. Step back
  7. Pull Back
  8. Advanced Layups
  9. Power hop
  10. Spin
  11. Euro step
  12. Floaters


Coaching Staff

Director of Skills Training
Coach Anthony Ramirez

Coach Steve Hernandez

Coach Jordan Hall

Coach Gael Macias


Coach Markell Shivers